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--Lisa S.

Me, I'm not particularly fond of poker-playing dogs. CPAP looks like CRAP to my bad eyes. To lose weight, I only know how to decline the offer of that 3rd piece of pie...til breakfast. And I can't think of a place I'd rather live than a Southern college town. Turning 40 soon? Can hardly remember 40.

But ennui? Ah, now you're talking common ground!

Anyway, good to see a post from you again. And happy impending birthday.

Elrond Hubbard

Hey man, good to see you posting, and it looks like you've been going through some stuff. I remember your birthday from years ago, when we all sat around some table in some restaurant in Durham, with SC and TB and VD and everyone. It was sort of in the post-Halloween party mellow, too. What'cha doing this year?

Chris White

Still loving you...on your big B-day, brother.

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Very nice picture... dogs playing Poker!!!
I like your blog very much

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The picture is quite classic for me. We have poster like that.. :0 It's like 15 years back. lol

HTTP sniffer

Hehehe funny =D I love pictures of dogs playing poker! Hehehe

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Vraiment cette image, le groupe très mignon de chiots. .

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il semble que vous avez été en passant par des trucs. Je me souviens de votre anniversaire il ya des années, quand nous étions tous assis autour d'une table dans un certain restaurant à Durham, Quoi qu'il en soit, bon de voir un poste de vous revoir. Et joyeux anniversaire imminente.

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El panorama es muy clásico para me.now estás hablando en común!

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