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a) my dad has this. b) a friend of mine from college who I had a crush on has this. c) I've also done those sleep studies, but they just made me sleep with a tennis ball strapped onto my back to train me to sleep on my side instead. d) something is wrong with your blog HTML and it's displaying weirdly. e) it's SO GOOD to see a post from you, dear!


and...two seconds later it's displaying perfectly. Yay!


That is really cool, especially if it helps you get a good night's sleep!

I always wonder how anyone gets to sleep during sleep studies - as someone who hasn't slept well in days (because of a bad, evil cold) I need things to be pretty much like X to sleep well. Right now when I daydream, I daydream about sleeping. Maybe today I'll get a good nap in.


Stew: To paraphrase my man Roast Beef, it sounds more like it would just train me to not wear that shirt. (I don't do nearly enough evangelizing for Achewood in this space, so there's one attempt.) I also wonder, though, if my problem might not have a simpler solution, one not involving expensive durable medical equipment and physicians in several different specialties. Is sleep apnea just a scam dreamed up (ha!) by the powerful CPAP machine manufacturers lobby?

Pinky: I have a cold, too! Maybe I caught it from you when I bumped into you. Or maybe you caught it from me. I plan on napping today, too.

Elrond Hubbard

Good luck with all the sleep and other kinds of studies, everyone! Great to see a post from you, Idiom, though I cold always go back through old ones if I miss seeing a new one.

Rob Rogers

Sorry to hear you're struggling with it, Jerry. But if it's any consolation, I've been using a CPAP myself for a few years now, and it makes a significant difference in how I sleep. Granted, part of that is Dina not waking me up anymore to tell me I'm snoring, but I'm getting deeper rest, I feel more rested and less cranky, etc.

I hope it works out for you.


I have problems too. Yikes. Sometimes I wake up gasping.
Wavelength. You never let me down.
Well you'll get that or not. So nice to hear from you again.


Awesome to see a post from you. Wish it had better news.
I can't even imagine having to deal with this crap. I do, after all, sleep the sleep of the dead and still feel like crap in the morning. (Sorry, feel kinda like I'm gloating or something, sorry, sorry, to you and your readers that seem to have the same issue.) Can't imagine how HORRIBLE it would be to wake up like 48 times in a night because I stopped breathing. Crap. If it's any consolation, like half the people I know have sleep apnea. Sharing a bed with someone with it is absolutely fucking FREAKY. I mean, hell, they just stop breathing. That first night is awful-- do you call 911? Do you shake them, wake them when it's over, tell them that they're dreaming, wake them when it's over?
I hear you have to wait like a year to get into those sleep studies too.
Um, science is a good thing? Hope the mask and forced air thing works. Imagine how awesome you'd feel with one... good... night's... sleep.
You would think that the stupid Big Pharmaceuticals would be developing something to counteract THAT instead of spending gajillions of dollars on anti-restless-leg syndrome drugs (which only like 3% of the population has, but they've created their own market thanks to marketing, but that's another story).
Sorry to ramble. Email me sometime, we can get some drinks to make us happy.


Oh, as if I didn't say enough before...
When you said "mask" I imagined Batman. Or Robin. Or even the Riddler. Then I followed the link in your blog. Wow. That really sucks.

I was put through the sleep study brouhaha in 2003, got my gear in 2004, and although it took a while to get used to wearing the mask I sleep soooo much better. However, I stopped doing the cleaning routine on the equipment after about a year. I stopped using the humidifier for the most part (though it's still connected), I don't clean the tubing or mask or chin strap, or filter. Can't tell the difference. When I do add water I don't use distilled water I use tap. The humidifer bottom gets crunchy, but so what? I only get new mask bits every other year or so, partially because my insurance deductible is so hight, but also because it doesn't seem to adversely affect anything. I sleep better, and that's all that matters to me. Good luck with the gear!

Dr Jonathan Greenburg

Hi there,

I came across your blog post and wanted to make a comment. My name is Dr. Jonathan Greenburg and I treat sleep apnea and snoring disorders in my clinics in Los Angeles area. (You can just "google" my name and read about me...

Anyway, I commend you on getting treatment. You just added YEARS to your life and reduced your risk of stroke, heart attacks and even the risk of diabetes, which has been linked to sleep apnea.

This word needs to get out. Your experience needs to be told.

I have several examples on my blog that you can read about, however the public needs to be eductated and it's people like you that are in a postion to help.

For those of your readers that are sitting on the fence and perhaps snore, but don't think it's much of a problem, please listen to an interview that I did and get some of your questions answered.

You can hear it at http://www.apnea-treatment.com. Just sign up and get the free download or listen to it online.

It could save your life or the one you love...


Over a year later, I return to say: thanks, Dr. Jonathan. And everyone else who commented. And also to admit that it took me this long to catch the Four Tops reference in Suz's comment. Awesome.

 medieval clothing

You have a quite scary condition..

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