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That is pretty freaking awesome, but it still makes me sad to hear Kermit speak (or sing) with a voice that does not belong to Jim Henson.


That is fab!!

Minty, I think it sounds pretty good. In fact, I was wondering, as I listened just then, HOW did they find someone to so closely mimic Henson's Kermit?


OMG. emailing xta NOW.


isn't that cute?
it's from 1996.


I think Jim Henson's son is doing the voice of Kermit these days.


Turns out that since Jim Henson's death, the voice of Kermit has been a fella by the name of Steve Whitmire. He's been working with the Muppets since "The Muppet Movie" in 1979, so at least he's no Kermit-come-lately.

You should all also probably know about sadKermit, which is way non-canonical. I haven't been through the whole site, but I have heard most of sadKermit's version of Radiohead's "Creep." It's appropriately poignant, although arguably inappropriate on almost every other possible level.


I can always tell when it isn't Henson. Damn.

I just read Elmo's book. Or rather - the guy who does Elmo has a little book. It's a little too Mary-Sunshine, but definitely cute to read.


Sad Kermit singing Hallelujah. Sniff.

I want puppets at my memorial service too.

Elrond Hubbard

Remind me to tell the story the time I worked on a video with Grover and his current operator, Eric Jacobsen. It was everything one would expect. And isn't there a clip on the Internet of Kermit on The Daily Show? Kermit actually gets a few over on Stewart, and Stewart was like, "this is nuts."


Pinky: The guy that does Elmo is also the guy who does Clifford, the catfish-looking purplish guy who says "Nice job, Kermit," at the end of the video linked aboveward.

Marianne: All I want at my memorial service is lamenting and rending of garments and dozens of ladies weeping because they always secretly loved me and learned scholars mourning my lost genius, etc. etc. Oh, and I'm going to have to have at least a couple of people put to death and buried with me, to serve me in the afterlife.

Elrond: Grover isn't voiced by Frank Oz anymore? What in the shit? I haven't seen the Kermit vs. Jon Stewart clip online, but I remember seeing Daily Show promos featuring those clips during commercial breaks when I used to tape "Kids in the Hall" from Comedy Central. "The frog's running circles around me," is one line I remember Mr. Stewart saying.


You know, I had never seen Clifford before - and I would have never guessed it was Kevin Clash!

(now the baby on "Dinosaurs" - he sounds just like Elmo)

I liked the three Kermits at the end - and I like how the name "Kermit" will always be linked to a funny fuzzy frog with ping pong ball eyes.


"it's excruciatingly painful being green." GENIUS.

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