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I love that shower curtain. What kind of crazy meds was I on that day, though? I commented, like, 10 times in a row.

I'm like you in my profuse sweatiness. I think I'm going to have to learn to live with it and love it.

Spring is good. I still love DST, and I can't remember what else I was gonna say.


In re-reading your post from last year, I just realized an obvious question: why don't you live in Durham?

In other things -- dang, is it the start of spring or what? My seasonal pollen-induced sleepiness is here. For the next three weeks I can expect four or five hours of regular wakefulness alternating with an hour of suddenly induced heavy naptime. Thank God I don't have a regular job.


"why don't you live in Durham?


Why do you ask?


Phil, I keep asking Jerry that! It's not spring until my car is covered in pale green tree spunk.


No, I mean, it's totally cool that Phil asked that -- I'm just wondering what in particular prompted him to ask that.

The simple answer to that question is multi-part:
1) I live somewhere else, and
2) I am too...
a) lazy, and
b) broke
... to move.


I just realized a fun question: why don't you live in California?
or rather, if you had energy and money and wanted to live somewhere else, where would that place be?


why don't you live in mirkwood? just curious.

i love spring, but not as much as i love your shower curtain.


if you had energy and money and wanted to live somewhere else, where would that place be?

The moon.

It wouldn't even have to be the moon of Earth. Pretty much any moon will do.


Maybe my train of thought wasn't so obviously obvious, but these lines from the shower curtain blog:

>Days like today make me wish I lived in a house with a porch and maybe a >hammock, instead of living in a grim, depressing little apartment five feet >away from a state highway

made me think, "Why doesn't Jerry rent a place in Durham? Don't we have houses with porches that are similarly priced to little Orange County apartments that are five feet from a state highway? And what's more, doesn't Jerry have a lot of pals in Durham -- maybe even many as in Chapel Hill? And isn't Jerry's job in Durham? (Even if he doesn't like it that much?)

I would help Jerry move. I wouldn't even charge any money.

Oh, and I had some other "obvious" question, but I forgot what it was. (editor's note: Gee, I guess it wasn't that obvious then, was it? -- Jerry) (Phil's note: Jerry didn't really write that editor's note. I just assumed that it entered his mind, though, so I wrote it.) (editor's note: Thanks, Phil -- Jerry.) (Phil's second note: Jerry didn't really write *that* editor's note, either. I just assumed that. Oh, I'll stop now.)


Ah. Gotcha. But I haven't found any houses (with or without porches) in Durham that are similarly priced to my dinky-ass bachelor sty in Carrboro. If you see a house renting for around $550 a month, however, let me know.

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