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Those are beautiful tributes,Jerrysan. I don't think I am capable of writing such nice things about my dead relatives. Mine would go more like this: Grandparent #1--alcoholic. Grandparent #2--alcoholic. Grandparent #3--Put up with too much crap from spouse

Yeah. Awesome.


It's not easy to think positive sometimes, is it? I'm sure when I get around to writing about these folks' negative qualities, the post will be five times as long.


Wow, those are some great memories. My two grandmas (didn't know my grandpas) were pretty cool. One lived to 96, and would take care of 'the old folks next door', who were probably only about 80. Never owned a washing machine or had central heating and scrubbed her sheets in the kitchen sink and brought coal in from outside. Tough old bird. Hated Catholics. And probably single mothers, if she ever lived to see the day. My other grandma, who my mother accuses me of being like, had boyfriends well into her 70s, and covertly drank brandy in her tea, which she drank on the hour every hour, and was a great traveller. She smuggled something for the French Resistance apparently. Deceptively ladylike. Two great ladies, in their own way.


Oh, and the boy and I made some sugar skulls, if you would like one. Somehow the omnipresent ants can't chisel through the compacted sugar.


Marianne, I think your grandmas would have gotten along with my maternal grandma, except that my maternal grandma was Catholic and didn't approve of drinking. If either enjoyed bridge, they would have been thick as thieves.

I certainly would like a sugar skull.


that was very touching, Jerry.

I have several Day of The Dead dioramas - about five of them. They are both cute and chilling, a combo I have always been able to get behind. I've always wanted to somehow celebrate it, too.


Grandpa on my Dad's side....loved golf...loved his grandkids and still thought Grandma was a hottie at 83..still shows up in spirit to watch the Masters tournament with me every year, he particularly liked the last one Arnold Palmer played.

Grandpas on my Mom's side...I have two of them. My original blood grandpa called me buddy. I make a point of calling people buddy in honor of him.

Other Grandpa was my Grandmother's fishing buddy (see there it is) and husband of 18 years... He could tie the bass boat to the scout and select the right tackle and get out to the fish in about 1/2 an hour.

I would cook each of them catfish soaked in yellow mustard, rolled in cornmeal with a little salt pepper, cayenne and deep fried..... also some crappie cooked the same way.

For Randi, who called her children Creatures as they were totally unique and called the K&W cafeteria the KY cafeteria in the Geography class she taught at UNC....I would serve angel food cake, potato wedges, and chicken nuggets....the choice of her children when they came over to visit her...

and for my cousin Austin...who I accidentally got drunk at 12 years of age as he stole the second glass of chamgagne after I (being older, a budding alcoholic and thinking nothing of corrupting minors offered him the first)....a toast with a glass of champagne.... CHEERS people.

Jerry thanks for the opportunity to give props to the ancestors...shout out to the ones that came before so that I can stand on the shoulders of giants and see a bit further than I used to. Their joys and sorrows have helped me grow.


great post, jerry. my mom and dad, still alive at 76, aren't vgery close with their respective families, so i don't know my extended family well. my 4 grandparents all died when i was very young (or before i was born). so, i really don't have many "dead stories" to tell. could i tell some grateful dead stories instead? dude, this one time, i was shrooming and wearing my tie-dyed t-shirt and sporting white-boy dreads, and . . .


We'll be sure to leave a lukewarm vegan black-bean burrito that we bought from some guy in a van out for the Dead, Mykull.


My mom used to make Congo Squares! I remember them! I will ask her for the recipe, and then you, too, will have the recipe, and the circle will be complete...


Thanks, Jerry.

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