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Jerrysan: sorry you are down, cause it sucks. That said, BUCK UP, little camper! (Oh I did not just go there...sorry. To me, at least, there's not much more annoying than people telling you to just FEEL better already!! I wasn't really doing that. I was making fun of other people doing that.)

Also, thank you for using the word 'discrete' in its correct spelling.

Finally, you are seeing things in a very different way than I see them. I see a very witty, well educated, awesome writer. Along with a caring soul who makes kick as no-bake oatmeal fudge cookies.

So nyah.


I have a present for you! And it is vaguely Hodgman-related! And I will send it ... Nov. 6. Because I forgot to send it yesterday and today I am traveling again. I am in an airport RIGHT NOW. Seriously. Check the IP.

Also: you are WAY funnier than Otis Redding. Even when he was alive.


Dude....you can be my sidekick...no travel and little more than what you do already...I might want coffee.
perceptive souls can get the shit kicked out of them...stay out of your own way. (happy-b-day or not)....


sorry you're bummed about your birthday and stuff. i can relate. my goal in college was to become a famous poet. never mind that there are about a total of 500 people in the world who actually read poetry. on the sunny side, think of the many famous people who didn't become famous until after age 38. you still have many years left to write the great american novel / memoir / collection of humorous essays / coloring book. and when you do, we'll throw a big party for you. (but even if you don't, we'll still throw a big party for you. we don't need a reason. we'll just throw an impromptu jerry parade.)


And I can relate too because my life is TOTALLY different from how I thought it would be. Here I am in the throes of middle age and I'm an overweight immigrant single mother. I thought I would have some cushy part-time gig and a rich hubbie, instead of working my ass off and having no free time. And yet - I'm very happy. I think low expectations are the key to happiness. Which in itself is probably a low expectation. I thought this would sound more cheerful than it ended up sounding - sorry!


Dude, are you telling me that John Cleese was still in his 30s when he started Fawlty Towers? With all that hair gone? And all that cynicism in its place? Amazing, what those Brits can do.

And I look forward to seeing you awfully soon.


Related to Marianne:

I, too, am in a very different place than I expected to be at 35, almost 36.

In middle school I remember envisioning my life in 1999 (b/c of Prince, natch); I was married and had kids.

The reality, which I have been pissy about recently, is that I haven't had a long-term boyfriend since the mid 90s. Boo.

You know? Just keep on keeping on, and the crap times pass.


I fully expected to be in an entirely different place by now, too. A better one! With more money, more candy, and a much smaller pants size!

(although how the more candy=smaller pants size thing works out, I'm not sure. I never was good at math)

Sorry I couldn't see JH in my town, but it was not meant to be. I was busy hoofing all over campus getting the most impressive blister ever on the ball of my foot. So I guess all was not lost.


Jerry low and blue
Reverse to go down for up
Unhappy Birthday


Y'all are too sweet. Thanks.


Hippo Birdy Two Ewe.

Works better with a picture. Hm.

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