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Is the Paper Magic Group really from Scranton? Because, you know, you could see the hand of Michael Scott in this one. There are definitely some Halloween costumes that make me cringe - like the black 'fro wigs in Target. Take a couple of those, a couple of 40oz malts, a few insensitive students from a local educational establishment, and you have the makings of a riot.

BTW, I am incredibly offended and turned off by your gratuitous mentioning of vomit and blood vessels. Just stick to the racial slurs, ok?

double BTW I too was raised Episcopalian aka Catholic lite. Did you hear about the Episcopalian congregation in DC who wanted to do away with the whole Biblical aspect of their service and just stick to the music and incense swinging? Really.


I always thought those "nose-and-glasses" were supposed to resemble Groucho Marx, who most definitely was a hebrew. Although spelling it out like that is more than a little tacky, Paper Magic Group.

(if you do a search for "groucho nose" you will come up with the same exact product, so my guess was right!)

having been a victim of unexpected, non-drinking-related vomiting for the majority of my life, you can indeed break (burst?) blood vessels in and around your eyes while doing it. but usually it clears up in a day or two.*

*i-am-not-a-doctor. just-extremely-nauseated-for-over-thirty-years.


So sorry you had a vomit fest last Sunday. Hope you are feeling better. Drink lots of water. Did you see Dressaday's last post? Cream Puff dress...weird...now that would cause a vomit fest if removed in the ususal manner (okay....there is no usual).

After years of "drinking-related" vomiting (I speak only for myself)....I now avoid vomitting like the plague....Anything but vomitting. No I say, NO!

Just say no.
Peace dude.


I'm mostly offended that someone can't come up with a better Halloween costume than that. But you may be onto something there.


I haven't said anything yet. It's because I can't think of anything to say other than
1) Ew, freaks
2) Yeah, that happens. Looks weird, doesn't it?


maybe paper magic group will come out with "hibrown horns" next.

sorry about the puking. remind me to tell you my puking-in-chesterfield-mall-on-a-friday-night-when-i-was-in-7th-grade story sometime.


i'm so glad that the blood vessel thing is normal. last night, i was the victim of bad chicken wings... damn grocery store hot-food section. the wings looked good,i should've known better.

now i look like a victim of domestic abuse b/c the capillaries under both eyes were effected. oh well, i hope my make up can cover it well enough.

on the other note, yeah, i thought the title alone was leaning twd that inference. unbelievable how bigotry is so brazen. what the hell else are they going for??? i can't see any other explanation.

John Healy

I also saw this offensive product and was aware that the word hebrew could easily be hibrow without great mental effort. However I sent an e mail to the store CVS and got a reply from them saying "There was no intent to stereotype anyone. And I also had requested they remove the religiously offending product from their shelves which they most likely wont do as they did not mention taking that action in the e mail. I am glad to see others have concluded as I have that the hibrow disguise is a sly slur at the Hewbrew paople and not an innocent haloween item.

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I too was raised Episcopalian aka Catholic lite. Did you hear about the Episcopalian congregation in DC who wanted to do away with the whole Biblical aspect of their service and just stick to the music and incense swinging? Really.

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