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piles of them are fun to jump into (if you're sure there's not a rusty farm implement or nest of snakes in the pile, that is)

Oh, the optimism!


One thing that you are good at, of many, is the UTube Nostalgia Link. Thanks for the (fem-)mulletty goodness of the 1986 Juicyfruit commercial!

Oh, and I totally began to throw my own birthday parties once I realized that others weren't gonna do it for me. I'd offer to throw you one, but I can't manage two parties in one month.



this year, i plan to mow my leaves. my new mower has a bag for catching that which is mown. i'll get mulched leaves neatly bagged. i think this will be much easier than raking.


I am torn about the end of summer/beginning of fall. I hate being cold. Then again, I also hate being hot. But I do love getting out the down comforter, so that's a positive.

I didn't know your birthday was on halloween! if you want birthday fuss, you have to reiterate! there's no shame in that. it only happens once a year!


I fucking hate summer. The bugs, the sweat, the incredibly expensive summer camps. Bring on winter I say and soups and knitting and hot chocolate. And even raking leaves which can be a Zen like activity.


Greeting Everyone, mostly Jerry's friends.

Party at my house for Jerry's Birthday, if he doesn't show up, we can celebrate Halloween. Jerry, send me the guestlist and I will post an evite with directions and theme events...you met my roommate randomly today, so she is cool with the party idea...i checked. bring presents (small inocuous and funny presents, we can present them belatedly after midnight...party game idea.....we will rake leaves...

I Zimbra

Awww! That is so cool, Sarah-person, whoever you are. Put me on the guest list, Jerry.


Count me in, too! Jerry, tell Sarah how to invite me. Yay!


Invite me, please!


Having grown up just four or five blocks from Jerry's place, I have similar memories of all the leaves. And all the raking. I have very clear memories (in my head right now, mmmm...) of the smell of oak leaves; the feel of the some dry, some wet; the futility of trying to rake up acorns; and the fact that there is NO method on earth worth a crap for moving leaves into individual garbage bags. In my neighborhood we just raked leaves onto the street where they'd get vacuumed up after a while. But some of the people I did yard work for lived in neighborhoods where you had to bag. That sucked. Almost as much as the blisters I'd get because I didn't know to use gloves. (And my parents didn't know, either). Fall. Pro/con. Hmmm..


And me! Though I've probably got parental responsibilities that night. Like candy checking and making sure no Mounds or Peppermint Patties make it through to the alpha pile.

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