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god, those little mary worth movies are addictive! and so, so strange.

a hellscape where no one can get a good wig, that's for sure.


"In the Bleachers" (loosely described as Gary Larson just for sports) is my daily funny. Is it still in the N&O in the sports section? I read it online. The cartoonist even once wrote me back after I sent him a compliment.

I read Sally Forth every now and then just to see if local pals Patrick Chu or Geoff Davis get mentioned. Can you believe that strip is drawn by a 40-ish guy in New York City? Whatever it takes, man.


I loved how the wigs got more messed up through out the tableau... it was like stuff happened off stage that no one was talking about...although I did play it with the sound off.
I quit reading the funnies a long time ago, because they were not funny. My humor tends toward boondocks Life in Hell, and Fritz the Cat anyway...so mainstream papers do not run "funnies" I would think are funny. I actually think they should call them "sads" because Cathy is just sad (not ironically sad either, but sincerely heartbreaking)...not funny. Peace, Sarah.


I absolutely hate Cathy with a passion. Just how many self-deprecating jokes about changing rooms and chocolate can one person stand?

And Family Circus makes me puke.

I love those Mary Worth movies though. I will have to appropriate some of those poses and use them in my own real life dramas.


God bless those kids, their wigs, and YouTube for sharing the love with the world.


Actually I DO snort coffee out of my nose when I read Dinette Set. She must have bugged most of the homes of the middle class.


I love "Rhymes with Orange." And I do think Doonesbury is still culturally relevant. If only because the N&O thinks it's too dangerous to print on the comics page.

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