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I like this. You really do take the seemingly mundane and make it fancy. Fun to read.

But you'll never win if you cling to prescriptivism. As conservative as you want to be in your own language, you'll not stop language change. It's a force you won't ever beat.

For example: Can you understand this?


Do you remember buying me the personalized NC license plate at Walmart? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw "Beige Thunder." And then I thought of "Beige Thunder" and then my head exploded.

Can I convince you to buy me a personalized Illinois license plate? I've still not quite gotten around to it - I'll need 2, by the way.


Stewpants: Okay, okay, I see your point. I just have a thing for certainty and authority, I guess. I'd make a bad anarchist.

Michelle: I don't specifically remember that, but that does sound like something I would do. I can be a pretty nice guy sometimes, I guess, when I'm not being a complete jerk. But, no, you probably can't convince me to buy you some Illinois plates. Also, sorry for making your head explode.


Well, I bet the Illinois DMV probably wouldn't like the me having 2 personalized bicycle plates attached to my car anyway.


Lighting bugs! a.k.a. fireflies! I saw my first ones of the season last week too, and I was most overjoyed.


So - will you be walking around looking like a cartoon convict with black stripes on all your white clothing? I have laundry accidents all the time but they usually involve pinking my whites.


If it isn't too much trouble, can I have my pen back?

And hey, I remember that discussion on Nougatnet.

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