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I am very afraid to find out who the internet thinks I might look like. I think it might match me with someone even more distressing than Larry fucking King.


I can definitely see the Wen. Halloween costume idea?


Yeah, but what about a day when the internet compares you to Elvis Costello?

I never get told I look like a Celebrity. I often get told "I knew a girl who looked JUST LIKE YOU in high school." Except it's never my high school.


See, but, here's the thing. I love Elvis Costello. Lots of people love Elvis Costello, but not for his looks. He's just kind of an odd-looking gentleman. So, although in many ways a comparison to Elvis Costello would be flattering, looks is not one of those ways. It's like saying, "You can dance as well as Stephen Hawking!"

(Although I do remember in "Just One of the Guys," one of the reasons Sherilyn Fenn had the hots for Terry was because he "dresses like Elvis Costello." Am I remembering that right? Still, it wasn't because he had the facial features of Elvis Costello.)

When I had a beard, people used to tell me I looked like Stephen King. Similarly non-flattering. Say what you will about Mr. King's oeuvre, he's not a handsome man. Particularly. Tastes vary, of course.


Mine was flattering, yet completely off.

In descending order of who I allegedly favor:

Winona Ryder, Evangeline Lilly, Michelle Yeoh, Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger, Julianne Moore, Camilla Parker Bowles (um, yeah, not so flattering), Hillary Swank, Jennifer Garner, and Kareena Kapoor.

Who are Michelle Yeoh and Kareena Kapoor?? (lazy me)

I Zimbra

In descending order of who I allegedly favor:
Shiri Appleby (of the Roswell TV series), Andy Roddick (?), Julie Christie, Carson fucking Daly, Carrie Underwood, Bill Paxton, Alicia Silverstone, Linda Hamilton, Jamie Lee Curtis. Jesus! (that's an exclamation, not another comparison) This thing is weird.

By the by, I think Elvis Costello is very attractive. And strictly in a "I would totally do you even if you weren't famous" sort of way. Honestly. I've thought about it for a whole 10 minutes.


Um, funny you should mention Stephen fucking Hawking. Guess who I look like??? Number one on my results. Not that the guy ain't a genius, but hey. Not so good for the ego, you know? Oh, but I look like a 65 year old Liv Ulmann too. Guess that ain't so bad. Other celebs I resemble: Isaac Stern, Martin Sheen.
I hate the internet.

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