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michelle (not a jenny)

I'm 75% general, with 15% Yankee, and 5% percent each Dixie and Midwestern. I feel so blah now.

I'm just glad that I don't have a Chicago accent. Yikes. Although I have found that when talk about Chapel Hill, I subconciously affect a drawl.

Jenny Stew

60% General American English
20% Upper Midwestern
10% Yankee
5% Dixie
5% Midwestern

Surprise? I don't think so.


65% General American
20% Yankee
15% Dixie

What does this mean? Did I successfully shuck off my entire culture, or were the right answers were not there? Question 9 is always a roundabout. Question 10 is a caker. Question 13 is a trolley. Question 14 is gutties.

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