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have you ever seen 'ghost world'? i have some friends who tracked down the bollywood film she's watching at the beginning. that one dance number is pretty phenomenal and quite similar to the first clip.


I have seen "Ghost World," and I also dug the opening Bollywood film. (The entire movie seems to be available on YouTube, if you feel like violating intellectual property law while ruining your eyes with the crappy quality.) Here's the scene from the original movie ("Gumnaam," 1965). I think lavish, goofy production numbers are pretty typical of the genre.

And... holy crap! It's the same guy (Mohammad Rafi) singing on both tracks!


My take: the first clip made me wish there was a higher quality version I could lap up like a lizard. (That's good). The second one was kind of more, eh, UNTIL the group dance started.

I love the idea of that giddy feeling being described as a koala crapping a rainbow into someone's brain.


This one seems a little higher quality: http://www.transbuddha.com/mediaHolder.php?id=892


oh MAN. That first clip really made me giggle. I do have a weakness for "beatlesque" things that aren't quite...The Beatles.

Which makes me realize that there is something else I need to add to a potential mix CD for you :-)


A tiny part of me wants to learn the 'Beatles' dance routine in the first clip. Just a tiny part.


For some reason I accidentally thought (at first) that the first clip was Japanese, and I was shocked at how Bollywood it seemed. Then I heard more and said, "oh."

Speaking of Asian moments in music, can I assume you saw Shaolin Soccer? And that you found the two brothers singing scene hilarious?


You should probably not assume that, no. But it sure does sound hilarious!

Tom Buhrman

This should also make you happy:


The first clip is actually one of the tamer versions of Shammi Kapoor's dance numbers


I have the DVD. We should watch it together. On my parents' big screen TV.

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