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So I tried 3 different (all recent) photos. One gave me results that included Sissy Spacek, Joni Mitchell, and Larry fucking King; the second included Venus Williams (wha?) and Uma Thurman (now we're talking); and the third said I look like Shirley Temple, Chelsea Clinton, Billy Joel, and Prince Harry. But on all three of the photos, the #1 person I look like is the dude who played Shaggy in the Scooby-Doo movies. Um, yeah, whatever.


Wow. Larry fucking King and Matthew Lillard on the same day. I am sorry to have done this to you, Minty.


Mine are Julianne Moore, Rita Hayworth, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Rowan Atkinson and Harry Harrison. I'll take the first four.

In real life, my son thinks I look like Sookie in Gilmore Girls (I agree), and one very nice friend says I look like Eva Amuri. If I lost like a brazilian pounds and was 20 years younger. Oh, and I was gorgeous.

Minty, I can definitely see the Spacek/Mitchell thing - you have that cool, intellectual, somewhat inscrutable beauty. But Shaggy - nope.


I tried it with my kindergarten photo (the only non-drunk, straight-on photo I own, apparently), and came up with a respectable list of folks (no Larry King).

The ones that strike me as the most interesting is that I apparently resemble Rupert Grint and Emma Watson - Ron and Hermoine from the "Harry Potter" movies. If only I was younger, born in the U.K., a completely different person...


Johannes Rau
Kirk Douglas
Harold Pinter
Philip Roth
Robert DeNiro


But then also:
George Bush


Jay Leno

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