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I have a couple of friends who prefer the racy Photo Hunt, wherein you look for subtle differences between the two (nekkid!) photos.


If I were a betting woman, I would definitely put my money on Your Mom over Douche. Douche is vinegar soaked toast.


"Hello, Douche."

"Hello, Your Mom..."


How many pairs of underwear do you have?

And have I badgered you yet (or enough) about buying some of the Champion C9 wicking shirts? They have a website somewhere, in case you want to make sure about sizes for people the opposite size of me.


Phil: Who says I wear underwear? And you have badgered me just exactly enough about the wicking shirts. I don't like them. At least not for everyday wear. The weird plasticky fabric bugs me. I do wear them sometimes whilst exercising, though.

I Zimbra

Suds and Duds actually has hot water now?!?!? We have a washer/dryer in the new place but I still remain quite shocked. I really like that place but had to give up because of the cold water situation.

I am Douche.

Okay, not really. But please kick their ass.


I Zimbra, should I just assume that every mysterious person in my life from here on out -- whether it be someone who honks at me on the street or someone whose high score vexes me -- is you? That would simplify my life a lot.

I think S'n'D is under new management now. They were so proud of the hot water, they actually advertised it in a sign on the window last year. They've also installed new machines, so even after you subtract the 50 percent that are always out of order, there are still more machines to work with.

I have a whole free-market theory about how laundromats actually feel no pressure from the marketplace to be nice places to go to. Which is why so many of them are miserable places. It is a half-baked theory that is probably completely wrong.

I Zimbra

If my omnipotence will simplify your life, and you want that, I am here for you, dear Jerry. I want a mango, coconut & basil locopop. That was an unrelated comment.


Jerry, If your my mom, then who's my daddy?

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