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Yo, sorry about the pollen. I actually noticed it like two hours after I used the Internet to invoke it, so I guess it really WAS my strange and terrible powers. I try to use them only for good . . . most of the time. Mwahahaha.

I LOVE changing all the clocks for Daylight Savings (and when it ends too), but for a few days following the change I spend a lot of time thinking about what time it REALLY is. Like, when I woke up at 7:30 this morning, I decided it was REALLY 6:30 and that was way too early to get up on a Sunday. But REALLY, time is an illusion.

Peeps drinks=very weird. But "Ear Royale"--haha and touché, PeepDrinks.com!


I would have had no idea that it was time to change the clocks, except that the cable box told me it was ten instead of nine when I woke up this morning. dammit, I thought to myself.

i should have applied sunscreen to myself today, as I now have a sunburned left arm. arrrrrrrgh.

the peeps drinks are strange, but baby octopi and bubble yum garnishes are even stranger.


Drinks that tastes like bubblegum=VERY WRONG. Once my father-in-law bought me a bubblegum flavored Slurpee. I took the first sip and when I tasted that taste, I could not swallow it, because I had been taught so well as a child how BAD and TERRIBLE it was to swallow your gum. (I think I finally did swallow it, because to spit it out the window of the car would have been rude; but I'm sure I didn't drink very many more sips.) In Texas they sell a soda that tastes like bubblegum. BAD AND TERRIBLE!

Jenny P.

I might just be in luuuurve with your shower curtain, jer.

Also? I suppose there's no stopping the pollen. It just is massively abundant here. Anyone remember how long it lasts? Cause I was gonna wash my car, and now that's not such a great idea.

So you know, I am pissy and whiney and crappy-feeling today, for seemingly no reason. But it might be the jet-laggishness caused by the switch to the OMFG so much better DST. I hate non daylight savings time.


Things to consider spending money on:

1. A new lease in a new apartment, or a new house.

2. The excellent new wicking t-shirts (and other clothes) that have completely changed my life. I am Small Sweaty Guy and used to always wear a light summer shirt over a t-shirt in warm weather, so as not to exhibit my total sweatiness. However, the new C9 stuff from Champion (available at Target) and a few other brands have made my world ENTIRELY BETTER. I'm pretty sure they're made in Jerry-sized editions. Perhaps only via special order, but give it a try. The T-shirts are pretty cheap, too (~$10) and will last a long time as long as you don't lean on velcro as I did several times in Mexico.


That is a really cute shower curtain - you have so many towel possibilities!
I'm in the market for a new curtain myself, but I'm leaning toward the SAT math section curtain from www.cb2.com. Mebbe showering around that would make my brain soak in some math smarts or sumthin.

Jenny P.

Speaking of antiperspirants? A certain male friend of mine, to whose toilette habits I am privy, uses spray antiperspirant on his back at times, depending on the circumstances. Rock that one on, Jerry.


Phil: You are, of course, assuming that I have money. Which I don't, generally speaking. That shower curtain just about broke me. Seriously, I am many miles away from even considering a new apartment or house, and every bank on Earth is even many more miles away from extending me credit of any kind, ever. Thanks for the suggestion for the wicking garments; I do own some, and I use them mostly for exercise, but I don't think they're very comfortable.

Michelle: With my bad eyesight, I wouldn't be able to appreciate the math shower curtain whilst I was showering. Without glasses, I see the floral curtain mostly as some blurs of bright colors, so it just seems like I'm having an aneurysm.

Stewpants: Would that it were just my back that sweated. And I'm not willing to spray Right Guard all over my body. Not yet, anyway.

Minty & Pinky: I'm a bit of a girl drink drunk, so I'd be willing to at least try the whimsical tastes and garnishes of drinks.


I'm so honored to be called stewpants. Thank you. I just love it.


I'm blind too (remember how we had the same glasses? Well, I had cat-eyes for a while and just went back to the super geek variety), so it's more of something to read when, um, sitting -yeah, sitting - in the bathroom (I'm weakly sticking to the idea that ladies don't talk about such things). If mixing math with water doesn't work, maybe being a captive audience will.

Jenny P.

I'm addicted to browising for new content, but am no longer blind, since I went to the eye doc yesterday. I will soon have more contacts that I can even imagine.

Jenny P.

browising is my way of saying I love you

Jenny P.

I think you have an antispam for people like me who suck and have to post lots of things in a row. Is this true?

Jenny P.

well it must have figured out I am a human and not a bot, cause it only made me put the letters in that one time. That or I am posting multiple times at the same time as you are monkeying around with your settings. Um, ok, last post, cause I have already crossed the "woo" line with all the other posts. Sorry 'bout that.


Stewpants gets the award for Most Contiguous Comments. The trophy has now been retired; there will be no future winners in this category.


Hammocks rule. I spent the afternoon lolling in mine while drinking hoppy ales, and reading Pynchon (Gravity's Rainbow). One of those books I read to make people think I'm smart (i.e, to reinforce my pretentiousness, like using "i.e." in a blog comment). But I actually like this one.
Everyone should have a hammock in the spring.


Love that shower curtain! Looks like one of those semi-transparent ones so you can pretend you are in a Lever 3000 commercial. Or a Lady Gilette commercial as you perch your dainty leg on the side. My face has about three weeks before it turns into a grease slick for the summer (partly artificially induced by slathering on the sunscreen, partly, sad to say, natural).

Hammocks rock! (haha) but are not conducive to gracefulness when entering and exiting, especially when balancing a peep-tini and the Weekly World News


It has never even occurred to me to want to pretend that I was in a Lady Gilette commercial. You've given me a lot to think about, Marianne.


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