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Jenny P.

Does it make you feel kind of sad when there are no comments, or do you blog just for yourself? I'm asking because I like getting comments, and it makes me feel like Sally Fields... "You like me, you REALLY like me!"


I guess the mature, self-actualized answer would be, "I blog for myself, just for the sheer love of blogging. I don't blog because I can; I blog because I must. The only affirmation I need is the affirmation of The Muse."

The honest answer is, "Hell, yeah, I like getting comments. Why don't you love me, Internet? What have I done wrong?"

It goes without saying that all the comments should mention what an outstanding writer I am and what a super, super fella I am generally.


You HAVE used this information to better yourself - don't make me remember Intro to Philosophy stuff to back up my assertion. Instead of just plugging ahead with the reading and maybe stumbling upon an answer for one of your "Huh?" questions, you actively sought out the answers to your questions (which in turn created more questions and thus the cycle continues!).

Due to your outstanding wordsmithery, you were able to relay this to the gentle readers of Idiom Savant in a concise and amusing fashion. And, because of this very skill, you have again proved what a super fella you really are. Plus, you're tall, and we all know that tall men are genetically superior.


I hope everybody was paying attention just now. That's how you leave a comment, people.


Was that enough? 'Cause I do more, if you want.

(I kid, I kid - it's all true!)

Jenny P.

Jerry, you are an outstanding writer, and you let me put my drippy nose on your shoulder when things get shitty. That's good peeps right there. YES INDEEDY! And you're tall, and tall men are clearly superior. And you're a good person, and gosh darn it, people like you!


I just noticed a typo in my posting, and I'm aware that it's not the first one in the comments that I've left.

It makes me feel, well, so not thorough.

Mark Riggs

I am the great nephew of Aubrey "Speed" Riggs. I enjoyed reading your blog. He would really enjoy the fact that someone still finds interest in things related to the Golden Leaf.


Even more to your point, I was just listening to Jack Benny, and it was one from the Lucky Strike years, so I thought I'd google "Sold American" to find out where the phrase came from. This page popped up as the second link. So now it's not even a 15 minute task, it's 30 seconds. The internet is grand, isn't it?


I recently heard a version of the song you mentioned, and I too realized I did not know what "sold American" meant. I also knew it had something to do with auctions. Just as did you, I turned to Google. Having done so after you put up this post, however, I was able to find the answer quicker than you were you.


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