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Jenny P.

OOOh, can we respond?
1) in 1996 I had just moved here to the CH area. I guess I thought I would be a linguistics professor. HAH!
2) I HOPE I will have continued to grow, both personally and professionally. That's vague, eh? Well, that makes it easier to attain. Unless I regress.
3) I totally live life one day at a time. I don't plan, never really have. I think it's not in my personality.
4) I'd have never started smoking. EASY.
5) I'd tell little Jenny to lighten up on herself, to keep taking dance lessons and playing soccer, and to get in the habit off keeping her house/room clean. Oh, and to get therapy, STAT!


1) This time in 1996 I was beginning my descent into anxiety-riddled career hell, which fortunately squeezed itself out into a voluntary layoff in September and a new career as an independent consultant.

3) One future day at a time. (Ha.)

4) "Regrets? I've had a few."

5) "Authority figures (especially teachers) do not like it when you make them look less smart than you, in public. Yes, I know that's hard to believe, but it's really true."


1. Ten years ago I was still in college, unsure of what I would make of my life...and I'm still not sure. I stuck with the plan of getting out of my back-water hometown, but other than that... I did have a sweet job as the ticket girl at the movie theater though.

2. Not the slightest idea. I hope to not be a cat lady, and finally make it to Europe, but other than that, no plans. My plans have the tendency to go horribly awry - in the immortal words of Homer, "The lesson is to not even try."

3. See the "awry" comment above.

4. I'd have to start my own blog for this one, so I'll just narrow it down to not going to Europe when I had the chance. That segues nicely into transferring colleges, which then snowballs into...

5. Don't read "The Official Preppy Handbook" like it's The Bible.


... because "The Official Preppy Handbook" is not full of contradictions and bad advice.


I also own "The Official Hipster Handbook," but it's not as sound as "Preppy." Plus, I was already 30 and I think the damage was done.


"The Official Hipster Handbook"

otherwise known as A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers.

ZING! I am a ninja with the rejoinders today!


Mr. Rickles -

I have that one too - but I argue that any book about subsequent tragedies that befalls a young family AND also features a drawing of a stapler is okay by me.

Sheeple in Chicago

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