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Jenny P

I like men's cologne and body products smells more than the women's, for myself, I mean. In some cases I go with it and proudly smell of "homme" but typically I wimp out and spray some more girl perfume on or some Secret, cause it's made for women.


I don't have any data to back this up, but I would think that a woman wearing a "male" scent would be less jarring (more "acceptable") than a man wearing a "female" scent. I think smell is the sense that taps most directly into our screaming Jungian subconcious, to use a term I just made up. I'll bet if you wore Old Spice, you'd attract a lot of men who have unresolved issues with their fathers.

Jenny P./Lastewie

Dude. I'm not talking Old Spice. Even this girl has her limits.

Here's a secret: I sometimes swipe my roommate's nivea or neutrogena (not sure which) "made for men" face wash. NO he's not gay, and he'd kick my ass for telling people out here that he has facial wash, so don't tell him in person, ok? But that smells SOOOOOOO good.

And I bet you're right that it's less odd for me to go androgynous/gender bendy than for you to.


Maybe eating the "women's cereal" primed your brain to accept the female deodorant. That's why "blossom" didn't register when you were perusing the armpit aisle.

And by the way, I have to admit I also am guilty of huffing all sorts of products before I buy them. No *sampling* I assure you, so it's all clean and unsullied. But I refuse to bring home any nasty-smelling personal products. And believe me, there's a lot out there! The nose knows.


I also saw a Smart Start commercial that seemed to say "used to be for men to prevent heart attacks, but now women are eating it too." So maybe they are just trying to expand the market. The homepage does seem a bit over the top, though.


New Rule: Close office door before reading Jerry's blog, so snort and uncontrolled bellow of laughter does not escape into the hallway.


Jerry --
You're just not looking in the right places for the Don Knott editorial cartoons. The single bullet is definitely the chosen theme. Search "Knott" at http://www.politicalcartoons.com/.


Dawn, you are right. Interestingly, politicalcartoons.com seems to be what the Slate cartoons page used to be. It's the same editor -- Daryl Cagle -- and I guess he just struck out on his own. Good for him. Still, I only found four Knotts-themed cartoons, and two of them were the same (from the Durham Herald-Sun's own John Cole).


Go with unscented.

And Lileks did a whole podcast that started with limpets.

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