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Ben Turney

Jerry, this is great. I honestly don't know if I ever encouraged you to start a blog, but if I did not, I certainly should have. I think I have said you should write for The Onion, and I by God stand by that comment. In any case, the blog is started without my saying so, which is just fine -- it's yet another instance of life taking a little initiative for itself, while I lazy around in bed. I love the German word, and the attention to this USNO thing. Don't be harshing too bad on my NOAA now. They had that whole prediction of Katrina being the worst disaster ever, that was not listened to by the Feds and thus was a source of minor skewering of them on The Daily Show, probably because they were all off checking their watches on USNO. Which should be saying something to NOAA, if they are listening -- something like, "Get a real clock voice why don't you, so people can bear to tune in." One of the many lessons to be learned from these disasters.


I DID encourage you, which means I can take all the credit for how great this is!

Mary Cromer

Jerry, this is awesome. Fuck yeah! You rock, and so does your blog.


I also practice the art of keeping two clocks ahead so I feel better about "how not so late I am" ....is this a common habit among people?....coincidence? conspiracy?
I figure it is fair game to post to archival blogs if they are linked to current posts...no? I am now only going to hit the post button once.

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